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  5. Thiết bị mạng HUB – SWITCH Ruijie RG-WALL 1600-S3200-LIS-1Y
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  3. Ruijie
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  5. Thiết bị mạng HUB – SWITCH Ruijie RG-WALL 1600-S3200-LIS-1Y

Thiết bị mạng HUB – SWITCH Ruijie RG-WALL 1600-S3200-LIS-1Y

– 10 cổng GE BASE-T (RJ45)
– Hỗ trợ 1 console port, 1 cổng USB
– Flash: 8GB – Memory: DDR3 2GB
– Throughput lên tới 3.5Gbps, độ trễ 4μs
– Hỗ trợ tối đa 1000.000 phiên đồng thời
– Hỗ trợ 200 IPsec tunnel, IPsec VPN Throughput: 2Gbps
– Hỗ trợ: NAT, Hybrid Mode, Routing Mode, Transparent Mode.
– Hỗ trợ block MAC/IP.
– Hỗ trợ lọc URL, Web, địa chỉ email
– Hỗ trợ anti-virus: Virus Filtering dựa trên giao thức HTTP\FTP\SMTP\POP3\IMAP Protocol, Virus Filtering for IM File Transfers, lọc VPN Traffic Virus, chặn một số file cụ thể, update database virus online.
– Kích thước: 432 x 252 x 44mm
– License 1 năm

Mã: RG-WALL 1600-S3200-LIS-1Y Danh mục:

Mô tả

Thông số kỹ thuật
Model  RG-WALL 1600-S3200
Hardware Specifications Fixed Ports: 10 GE ports (RJ45)
Console Port: 1
USB Port: 1
Flash & Storage: Flash: 8GB
Memory: DDR3 2GB
Performance and Capacity Firewall Throughput (64/ 512/ 1518 bytes): Up to 3.5Gbps
Firewall Latency: 4μs
Maximum Concurrent Sessions: 1Mil
New Sessions/ Sec: Up to 10K
IPsec VPN Throughput: 2Gbps
IPsec Tunnels: 200
IPS Throughput: 500Mbps
Deployment Mode Transparent Mode: Support
Routing Mode: Support
Hybrid Mode: Support
NAT (Network Address Translation): Support
Firewall Features MAC/IP Binding: Support
Routing Features OSPF Dynamic Routing: Support
RIP Dynamic Routing: RIPv1/v2 support
Static Routing: Support
H.323 over NAT: Support
Policy-Based Routing, Rule-based Routing: Support
DHCP: Support DHCP Server, DHCP Client, DHCP Relay
PPPoE: Support
VPN Features VPN Tunnels: Flexible on-demand configuration
Types of VPN Supported: GRE, L2TP, PPTP, Ipsec
Encryption Standard: DES, 3DES, AES
Authentication Algorithm: SHA1, MD5
Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS): Support
IPsec Protocol: Support
Manual Key, IKE: Support
Peer Authentication: Extensible Authentication Protocol Support
IPsec NAT Traversal: Support
Dynamic VPN Access: Support
QoS: Support
Collaboration With Other Mainstream VPN Devices: Support
Content Filtering URL Filtering: Support
Web Content Filtering: Support
Script, Cookie Filtering: Support
Web Proxy Filtering: Support
Anti-Spam: Support
Email Address Filtering: Support
Email Attachments Shield: Support
Email Size Filtering: Support
Policy-Based Content Filtering: Support
Anti-Virus Virus Filtering Based on HTTP FTP SMTP POP3 IMAP Protocol: Support
Virus Filtering for IM File Transfers: Support
VPN Traffic Virus Filtering: Support
Blocking Specific File Types: Support
Online Virus Database Updates: Support
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Self-Recognition Protocol: Support
Attack Signature Database: Support
Anti Worms, Backdoor Trojans, Phishing and Other Attacks: Support
Multiple Policy Sets: Support
Signature Database Upgrade: Support
Customized Signature Database: Support
IPv6 IPv6 Ready Certificate: Support
IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack: Support
Policy/ Content Filtering/ IPS Inspection/ Traffic Control/ VPN: Support
Static Route/ RIPng/ OSPFv3: Support
IP-based Traffic Control: Support
DHCPv6 Server and Relay: Support
Internet Behavior Management IM Software Login and File Transfer Control: Support
Speed Control of P2P Software: Support
Streaming Media Software Speed Control: Support
Online Game Control: Support
Stock Software Control: Support
System Management Local Administrator Database: Support
Restrictive Management Network: Support
Administrators Classification: Support
Software and Signature Updates: Support
Time Synchronization: Support
Configuration Changes: Support web, command line
Certificate Authentication: Support
Management Methods: Support web, command line
Standard MIB or Private MIB: Support
SNMP: Support SNMPv1/v2/v3
Centralized Management: Support
Local Management: Support
Remote Management: Support
Shell Session: Support
Virus Database Updates: Support
Logs Monitoring Internal Log Database: Support
External Log Server: Support
Remote System Log Server: Support
Real-Time Statistics: Support
Log Level: Support
Log Backup: Support
System Status Display: Support
Alarm Mode: Support
High Availability HA Mode: Support routing mode and transparent mode HA
Configuration File/ Change Synchronization: Support configuration and status synchronization
Signature Database Synchronization: Support
HA Device Authentication: Support
HA Data Encryption: Support
Dimensions (W x D x H) 432 x 252 x 44 mm
Weight 3.3 kg
Power Consumption 25.5W
Temperature Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -25°C to 70°C
Humidity Storage Humidity: 20% to 95%