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  5. Basic Component of Smart Network Commander RUIJIE RG-SNC-Pro-Base-EN

Basic Component of Smart Network Commander RUIJIE RG-SNC-Pro-Base-EN

Ruijie RG-SNC (Smart Network Commander) là một hệ thống quản lý mạng do Ruijie Networks đưa ra, được thiết kế đặc biệt để quản lý và cấu hình hiệu suất mạng. Với giao diện người dùng trình duyệt thân thiện, SNC cung cấp một loạt các tính năng như hiển thị cấu trúc liên kết mạng, quản lý thiết bị, giám sát hiệu suất, cấu hình & quản lý phần mềm, cảnh báo thời gian thực và quản lý nhật ký & báo cáo.

Mã: RG-SNC-Pro-Base-EN Danh mục:

Mô tả

RG-SNC Basic Component
B/S Architecture Deployed based on pure B/S architecture. No client installation is required for users. Enable system access using any standard browsers.
System Management Support system restart and shutdown using web browser; Monitor server CPU, memory and network card status; Support retrieval of system operation logs via the web page.
License Management Support file licensing mode.
System Integration Support integration of authentication-free feature of the network control interface with customer system.
Support forwarding of network management alert, syslog, trap to customer system.
Support integration with web services, or network management properties, alerts, performance data.
Unified Wired and Wireless Management Support unified wired and wireless management on devices such as routers, switches, firewalls and WLAN by modularization.
IP Surveillance Support low-threshold bandwidth monitoring, remote power management and flexible icon management.
Component Scalability Support wireless networking for the ease of future unified management and surveillance on wired and wireless devices.
Device Management Support a variety of device management features. Include a good presentation and basic operating features for creating, deleting or editing device interfaces and data.
Support batch software upgrade for multiple devices.
Support a graphical presentation of the actual physical boards, line cards and ports. Support operation directly on the page.
Support auto software upgrade checking. Support batch software upgrade.
Support management based on hierarchy and categorization. Enable users to set status of one device or multiple devices to be read-only, writable or hidden. For hidden devices, markings are required to be shown on topology.
Support editing of device information such as organization name, purchase date, warranty validity, etc.
Device Configuration Management Support auto retrieval of configuration files on a regular basis and synchronization to management server. Support comparison of the collected data with the previous configuration files. Notify the administrator via email if any difference is found.
Topology Management Support auto discovery of Layer 2 and Layer 3 network devices. Support auto topology formation.
Support discovery of WAN link topology. Support adding virtual nodes such as ‘building’, ‘cloud’, etc.
Support viewing of a customized topology by a designated IP range or through chosen devices. In every such topology diagram, only matching devices are shown.
Support auto discovery of routing topology, showing routing relation among devices in the system network layer.
Support export of the current topology.
Support dynamically update network topology based on device and link status data collected in real time.
Support dual-link STP detection. The topology shows real-time status of both links respectively.
Support topology display in full screen.
Under the full screen mode, proactively send topology alerts in an animated presentation.
In the event of operating status changes or alerts triggered, the relative nodes in the topology can be highlighted in real time.
Support VSU topology and show the many-to-one virtualization in the topology in real time. Support direct viewing of links and status of multiple device members on the topology.
Support image upload for background customization.
Support image upload for node icon customization.
Support traffic topology of the Weather Map mode.
Real-time Alert The product should be built-in with a variety of common alert categories. Support alert category customization based on the actual demand whenever necessary. Provide a minimum of 10 common syslog alert customization lists.
The product should be built-in with a variety of common alert categories. Support alert category customization based on the actual demand whenever necessary. Provide a minimum of 50 pre-defined trap alert customization lists.
Support setting performance indicator threshold as general, important or very important. When the indicator exceeds the threshold, respective alert will be sent based on the threshold value.
Support traffic lower limit alert. When the traffic is lower than the designated threshold, alert will be sent.
Support maintenance schedule for designated devices. Within such period maintenance, no alert will be sent.
Key Link Detection Support intelligent real-time detection for key links. Upon status changes, quickly locate failure. Support multiple alert modes to notify the administrator to resume network service as soon as possible.
Report Management Customize task for long-term surveillance of the network performance. Support report generation on a real-time or periodic basis.
Support report creation, search, editing, deletion. Support report online viewing, import/export, etc. Support periodic export and regular publishing.
Support history report search.
Interface Mapping Management Support regular collection of user devices IP, MAC, port mapping table. When there are abnormalities found in the mapping table, alert administrator as an event immediately.
Integration of Topology and User Information To protect customer’s early investment, support registration integration with SAM/SMP. Support searching of online user table including user name, IP address, MAC address, etc.
Compatibility The product should support standard SNMP MIP management base. Support management on mainstream vendor standard MIB device.
Certification The product should be compliant with the related rules under Administration of Software Products Regulation.
With national software copyright registration certificate.