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Ruijie RG-S2910XS-E is a collection of next-gen Gigabit switches architected for superior security, high performance and outstanding energy efficiency. The series delivers full Gigabit access and unparalleled scalability to 10G performance. With the all-new hardware architecture and Ruijie’s latest RGOS11.X modular operating system, the RG-S2910XS-E switches offer larger table capacity, faster hardware processing performance and a better operation experience than anything previous. In addition, the PoE models in various specifications support all downlink ports running on PoE+ and fulfill high bandwidth demand of 10G uplink. The RG-S2910XS-E switches guarantee high-density user access and leading aggregation performance with ease.

The RG-S2910XS-E switch series features high security, efficiency and intelligence with superior energy-saving capacity. The series is suitable for the following scenarios:

●Full gigabit access to LANs of large-scale enterprises and institutions, such as government buildings, universities and large manufacturing/ energy/ metallurgy enterprises

●Full gigabit access to business systems, such as hospitals, libraries, exhibition centers and websites

●IP phones, WLAN access points and high-definition cameras access

●Full gigabit access to server clusters and 10G high-bandwidth uplink

●Secure access through flexible and diverse security control policies that can defend against network viruses and attacks

Scenario 1

The RG-S2910XS-E Series Switch is deployed with the RG-S5750E/P Series / the RG-S78E Series Aggregation Switches. Also teaming up the RG-N18K Series at the core, the deployment provides Gigabit Ethernet downlinks and 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks to meet the ever-increasing number of network nodes and demanding bandwidth requirements.

Scenario 2

The RG-S2910XS-E Series Switch can be deployed with RG-S78E Series/ RG-S86E Series/ RG-N18K Series to provide Gigabit Ethernet downlinks and 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks to the simplified core network architecture. Different combinations provide comprehensive coverage for network deployment of large, medium and small sizes. Not only does it simplify the network architecture, but also significantly enhances the stability and efficiency of the network system.

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