RG-RSR30-X Router

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Ruijie RG-RSR30-X Series pushes the frontier scaling the router design according to the user requirements to minimize user investment.

The RG-RSR30-X-SPU10 V1.5 Router offer 9 fixed 1000BASE-T ports and 8 1000BASE-X ports to satisfy the requirements of the customer scenarios.

The series guarantees users with highly reliable and stable performance.

The RG-RSR30-X Series fully supports Ruijie’s VCPU, REF and X-Flow technologies to deliver full protection against traffic attack and guaranteed multiservice deployment with advanced QoS. Supported by the powerful scalability and configurability, the RG-RSR30-X supports multiple interfaces and built-in multi-service features.

Built-in with a range of integrated multiservice features covering BGP, IPsec, H-QoS and multicasting, the RG-RSR30-X Routers are readily available to adapt to various deployment environments.The RG-RSR30-X Router Series supports business operation and network construction with its featured innovative design, high availability, high performance, multiservice, robust security, hot swapping and hot standby features, effectively enhancing the network values while minimizing the network construction costs.

Feature Highlights of RSR30-X Router:

●Flexible and Full-Service Routers- High-performance NAT and full-redundant design, ensuring stable and reliable services- Integrated switching, routing, VPN, and security functions and full-service convergence, providing ultra-simplified network O&M

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●Ultra-simplified Convergence, Integrated Design and Full-service Guarantee- Integrated routing, switching, security, and VPN functions, simplifying network deployment, management, and maintenance- Support for embedded full services and convergence of various service requirements to fully guarantee service development

●High-performance Convergence and Supreme Service Experience- Leading performance, meeting requirements of egress scenarios with 2,000 clients- 500-channel encryption and convergence, meeting requirements for sustainable and extensible VPN convergence

Model RG-EG2000CE
Model RG-EG2000CE

Basic Features


Multi-core MIPS

Fixed Ports

6 1000BASE-T ports

2 GE combo ports

Hard Disk

Standard 500GB



Rack Height






Network Protocol

Support TCP/IP protocols, including IP, ICMP, IGMP, TCP, UDP, etc.

Support multiple routing protocols, including static routing, RIP (V1 / V2) and OSPF

Support DHCP Relay and DHCP Server

Support PPPoE Client

Support NAT and multiple NAT ALG including FTP, H.323, DNS, etc.

Support ARP, trusted ARP, proxy ARP, etc.

Support Ping and Traceroute fault detection

URL Filtering

Support custom URLs
Support remote HTTP automatic URL library upgrade
Local log storage (NAT log, traffic log, URL log, etc.)
Support storage on external log server


Support IPsec VPN

Network Security

Anti-ARP Spoofing
Defense against malicious attacks from internal and external networks
Support secure address binding
Block WAN Ping
Prevent Port Scan Attack
Prevent Fragmentation Attack
Prevent ICMP Flood Attack
Prevent Teardrop Attack
Prevent Ping of Death Attack
Prevent Land Attack
Prevent Smurf / Fraggle attack
Prevent SYN Flood Attack

Other Features

Integrate with RG-MACC-SAM3.0 to support multiple authentication modes

Support push advertising page

Support multi-link load balancing

Support remote HTTP online upgrade for signature library, software version, etc.

Service and Support

Free signature library upgrade for at least 5 years

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